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Peter Kaplan is also a licensed real estate broker who specializes in loan modifications and short sales.

Law Offices of Peter R. Kaplan PC is a federally designated debt relief agency.

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Board-Certified Bankruptcy Attorney

Peter Kaplan is one of a handful or lawyers state-wide to achieve board certification as a bankruptcy attorney.

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No fee, no obligation. Just free advice.  Peter can talk with you about your debt problem and offer valuable advice — at no cost to you.

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Are you drowning in debt?

Trying to keep your head above water in today’s economy isn’t easy
You’re doing your best to keep up with your bills, but things can happen that are beyond your control. Maybe you or your spouse lost your job or your 401K or both, so you used credit cards or refinanced your home to tide you over and got a little over your head. In another time, you could get a second job or sell your house to free yourself from debt, but now you’re lucky if you can get one job.

Don’t blame yourself
It’s not your fault. Good people get in financial trouble all the time due to circumstances beyond their control. Take charge of the situation so you can move on and start over.

Which direction is the best for you?
Are you eligible for bankrupcty? Should you try credit counseling? What about a debt settlement program? Do you qualify for loan modification? How about a short sale?

Peter Kaplan can lead you in the right direction
As a bankruptcy lawyer practicing in Salem, Massachusetts for over 18 years, Peter Kaplan helps clients throughout the North Shore, particularly in Beverly, Salem and Lynn. Peter understands what it’s like to be in financial trouble. Unlike other lawyers who are jumping on the bankruptcy bandwagon, Peter’s main focus has always been helping people get a fresh start. As a matter of fact, Peter Kaplan is one of a select group of board-certified bankruptcy attorneys.

“From the first call I made to you, not knowing what our future was going to bring, you took the time to explain everything to me before I even set up a meeting with you. From that time on, you made me feel like everything would work out, and thanks to you, it did. Thank you for being so good to us during the most difficult thing we have ever gone through.”
— Client of Peter Kaplan Law Offices

A Personalized Approach to Your Debt Problem

There's no cookie cutter approach to debt management
Peter Kaplan will analyze your particular situation and help you evaluate all your options to create the right program to reduce or eliminate your debt.

Facing Foreclosure?
Peter can help you develop a strategy to keep your home or sell it for you as a short sale to avoid foreclosure.

Overwhelmed with credit card debt?
Peter will explain the pros and cons of debt settlement and the different types of bankruptcy to help you choose the right option.

More than a bankruptcy lawyer
Peter has kept abreast of the changing landscape of debt management solutions to offer a full suite of debt solutions including:

Free yourself from debt and get a fresh start

"It’s such a relief not to have the stress we were feeling over the last year. I am confident with this new beginning, we will do much better financially. Again, thank you for everything. We are forever grateful to you.”
— Client of Peter Kaplan Law Offices

If you're ready to meet your debt problem head on and get on with your life, call Peter Kaplan at 888-909-2751. He'll lead you in the right direction, and develop a program you can afford to get you the fresh start you deserve.

Discover your path to financial freedom with a free consultation

Don't waste any more time and energy worrying about money. Take control of your finances today with a free case evaluation. Peter will analyze your particular situation and tell you which direction is best for you — all with no cost and no obligation. No pressure, just free advice. You have nothing to lose but your debt!

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